Braille is a writing system, not a language.”

UEB Party Kit

The UEB Party model, launched in 2013, is easily customized. It is a community-based approach to sharing basic information about UEB to those who use contracted braille. The UEB Party Kit provides a fun and easy way to present some of the features of UEB.

Guidelines for Hosting a UEB Party

The following suggestions will help to ensure a successful event:

  1. Download the 20-page Party Kit in either .DXB or .BRF.
  2. Emboss or print in simulated braille one UEB Party Kit for each participant.
  3. Bind each copy with cerlox or other fasteners.
  4. Schedule approximately 2 hours for the event. This will allow for:
    • 15 minutes for getting settled.
    • 45 minutes for part one.
    • 15 minutes for a refreshment break.
    • 45 minutes for part two.
  5. Provide a clean, flat reading surface (e.g., kitchen, dining or boardroom table).
  6. Designate a facilitator comfortable leading the group through the UEB Party Kit. This person does not have to be the host/hostess.
  7. Encourage participation by inviting guests to read passages from the UEB Party Kit. Don’t insist! This is a fun exercise, not a stressful one!
  8. This event format supports any number of participants. Successful parties with as few as 3 and as many as 26 have been held.
  9. You might wish to place the workbook in a decorative folder or inexpensive portfolio.
  10. Create a festive environment by providing refreshments (nothing sticky!).
  11. Make up some loot bags filled with candy or treats.  Enjoy!

Embossing instructions for the Party Kit

Emboss on 8.5 x 11 paper using the following settings:

30 cells
25 lines per page
Top of page margin = 1
Binding margin = 1