"Technology enhances braille,
it does not make it obsolete."


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Welcome to Braille Literacy Canada!

Braille Literacy Canada (BLC) is a not-for-profit corporation committed to braille promotion and the right of braille users to equal access to printed information. For many Canadians who are blind or visually impaired, braille is the key to literacy and independence. Braille Literacy Canada (BLC) is an organization of braille users, transcribers and producers, as well as educators and parents of blind children. We believe in equal access to information. If it’s available in print it should be available in braille. We also believe that all those who want or need to know braille should have the opportunity to learn it.

Braille Literacy Canada affirms the importance of access to braille during the pandemic

Braille is literacy. Braille signage, elevator buttons, restaurant menus, and other braille materials provide equal access to information and are essential for blind people to have and use. This is especially true during times of pandemic when access to information may be especially vital. Braille must continue to be available to those who need it. Braille users can sanitize and wash their hands before and after touching braille. Surfaces which have braille such as elevator panels, signs, room numbers, can and should be cleaned as other surfaces are, in accordance with public health recommendations.