“Le braille est un système d'écriture et non une langue en soi.”

Calling all braille stories!

In our recent survey of BLC members, you asked for more personal stories about how we use braille in our news letter. We want to deliver! In honour of International Literacy Month in September, we will be publishing a special issue of the newsletter devoted to “braille in action” – filled with your personal stories about braille. Help us celebrate braille as literacy and the brilliance of braille! Send us your stories about how you use braille or what braille means to you. Be as creative as you like – stories, letters, poems – we’d love to read it all! We invite submissions from braille readers of all ages (children, adults, seniors!), parents, teachers and anyone else who has a braille story to share! Send your entries (in English or French) to info@blc-lbc.ca by August 31st and help us spread the word about the beauty of braille!.

Crawford Technologies est la première entreprise à appuyer la bourse d’études Edie-Mourre de Littératie Braille Canada

Le don de CrawfordTech garantit que la bourse d’études Edie-Mourre continue d’être attribuée à des personnes désireuses de devenir des spécialistes du braille – Communiqué de presse