“Listening is not literacy.

Braille Resources

Whether you are an educator, a transcriber, or producer, or the parent of a blind child, we hope you will find these resources helpful.

Looking for braille books, board games or information on the latest refreshable braille technology? Chances are, if you'd like to have something in braille it can be found online. 

Braille Producers

Please see our braille producers page for a list of contacts in your area.

UEB Resources

The Rules of Unified English Braille Second Edition 2013 has been translated into French and is available upon request by contacting info@blc-lbc.ca.
This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada. Canadian Heritage Logo
We also acknowledge the financial support of the Cajole Inn Foundation and CNIB.

UEB Party Kit
The UEB Party model, launched in 2013, is easily customized. It is a community-based approach to sharing basic information about UEB to those who use contracted braille. The UEB Party Kit provides a fun and easy way to present some of the features of UEB.

ICEB UEB Training Materials
Resources from several of the countries that have adopted UEB.

Syndicated Columnist Weekly in UEB
Learn the Unified English Braille Code (UEB) by reading short opinion pieces by America's top journalists.

The ABCs of UEB
Authored by Constance Risjord. This publication outlines the major differences between English Braille, American Edition (EBAE) and Unified English Braille (UEB). Although this is not a comprehensive instruction manual, it provides examples and practice exercises that allow people who already know EBAE to quickly build on their knowledge of braille to understand UEB. This is an extremely valuable resource that will help braille readers, transcribers, teachers, and families make the transition to UEB.