Audio recordings and synthesized speech are
useful tools, but they can't replace the
ability to read and write.


As many of you know, the work of BLC is done by committees. Here is a list of our current committees and their responsibilities. New members are always welcome!
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Braille Formats

   Chair: Jen Goulden

  • Determines other guidelines that should be reviewed by BLC for use in Canada. Members of this committee must have a thorough knowledge of braille and must be familiar with issues specific to formatting.

Braille Promotion

   Chair: TBD

  • Proposes and implements activities to promote braille in Canada.
  • Plans teleconferences on various braille-related issues.


   Chair: Jen Goulden (ADHOC)

  • Drafts text for changes to BLC bylaws as appropriate. Previous experience with bylaw revisions is an asset.


   Chair: Kim Kilpatrick

  • Proposes options for increasing communication with BLC members and the general public.
  • Prepares and distributes the BLC newsletter.

French Braille Standards

   Chair: Maryse Glaude-Beaulieu

  • Proposes and implements research and/or other projects pertaining to French braille in Canada.


   Chair: TBD


   Chair: Natalie Martiniello

  • Collaborates with the BLC treasurer and the Corporate Secretary to manage membership data.
  • Ensures that email reminders are sent to those members who have not renewed their membership.
  • Proposes options for increasing membership. 


   Chair: Aimée Ubbink

  • Seeks candidates to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors.
  • Presents the slate of nominations to BLC members at the Annual General Meeting.

Teaching and Learning

   Chairs: TBD

  • Conducts research related to braille instruction of children and adults.
  • Seeks funding sources to support this research. Committee members should be employed as an educator of visually impaired students or be studying in the field.

Transactional Documents

   Chair: Aimée Ubbink (ADHOC)

  • Completed the development of the Guidelines for the Production of Transactional Documents in 2016.
  • Current mandate is review new guidelines or additions to the documentation as applicable.

Web and Social Media

   Chair: Aimée Ubbink

  • Maintains our web site and social media
  • Updates content with current events, resources and other items of interest
  • Works with other committees to update content as appropriate